Cetor3000 Datasheet 

Plankton, Sediment, Nutrient Sampler

The Cetor3000 Plankton Sampler, developed in partnership with CSHEL at the University of Delaware, can be deployed in oceans and lakes  for up to six months to collect and preserve up to 600 independently sealed samples. Three puck banks enable series filtration for up to 200 bacteria-grade samples and flow-path sterilization, provides zero cross-contamination.

Plankton, geochemical tracers, and suspended sediments are captured on user-selected mesh or membrane filters within reusable pucks. Sampling can be triggered manually or autonomously and is designed to operate without service for up to six months.


  • High sample capacity. Up to 600 samples per deployment
  • Bacteria-grade samples. 2-stage pre-filtering mode available for selective enrichment
  • Standard 47 mm filters. User-selectable pore sizes for mesh or membrane filters installed into reusable pucks
  • Pre-programmed or remote triggered. Timer or manually triggered sampling. Optional environmental sensor suite with up to 3 sensors for remote triggering
  • User-defined mission. Filtration, preservative and sterilizer times all user-selected prior to mission
  • Zero cross-contamination



  • Plankton
  • Bacteria
  • Suspended sediments
  • Geochemical tracers
  • Nutrients



  • SBE32 carousel frame for winch lowered deployments
  • ROV tool skid or AUV payload
  • Seafloor deployments



Sample quantity150, 300, or 600
PreservativesLugol’s solution, high salt buffer, ethanol, RNAlater
CommunicationsRS232 or Ethernet
Power24VDC, <40W while sampling
Sample flow durationUser defined
Sample flow6 L/min
Filtration area>12 cm2
Filters47 mm filter, user-defined pore size