Cetor-30 Underwater Biosampler



The Cetor-30 is an advanced automated biosampler that can be deployed in oceans and lakes to collect and preserve up to 150 independently sealed samples. 

Plankton, geochemical tracers, and suspended sediments are captured on mesh or membrane filters within reusable pucks; flow path sterilization and preservative injection ensure high quality samples. Sampling can be triggered manually or autonomously and is designed to operate without service for up to six months.

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Design Highlights



The Cetor-30 is designed to hold up to 150 samples, allowing high resolution or long duration studies.

Sampling Pucks

All samples are stored in reusable, storage pucks that hold and isolate sample filters. Users can select the pore size of mesh or membrane filters depending on the sampling objectives


High Sample Capacity

Up to 150 samples per deployment, improving sample efficiency and increasing study detail.

Three Different Sample Sizes

Users can select pore size for the 47mm mesh or membrane filters, for single or series mode filtration.

Universal Application

Customizable frames and packaging allows for flexibility in deployment

Pre-programmable Automated Activation

Filtration time, preservative type and sterilizer are user-selected prior to deployment.

Autonomous Operation

Optional smart trigger module enables triggering on enviromental measurements such as salintiy, turbitiy, temperature and disolved oxygen.

Bacteria-grade Samples

A series filtration mode allows for selective enrichment to bacteria-grade samples.

How it Works

The Cetor-30 uses a slide-change mechanism to collect and store samples. To filter and isolate each sample, the following cycle of steps is taken:

Initiate Sampling

In standard configuration, the sampling process is initiated with a time-based or surface trigger.


Old water is cycled out of the system and replaced with new water for sampling.


The filter is removed from the puck and filtration occurs. The Cetor-30 can be set up for 1 or 3-stage sampling, filter for up to 3 sizes of samples: coarse, medium, and fine.


The filter is resealed in the puck to prevent cross-contamination, and a preservative is injected to preserve its' contents.

Storage & Cycling of pucks

The sealed puck is placed in storage for future retrieval. A new puck is loaded in preparation for the next sample.


The flow path/intake is sterilized in between samples in preparation for the next sample.

* This process varies slightly for series-mode sampling to account for multiple samples.


Sampling Applications

Mesoplankton down to picoplankton, bacteria, suspended sediments, geochemical tracers, nutrients

Sampling Time

Single mode: Typically 5 minutes
Series mode: Typically 14 minutes
Sample flow: 7.5 Liters per minute

Physical Specs

24 VDC power

Ethernet communciation
3000 msw operating depth
2-40° C operating temperature
180kg (dry weight)
100kg (wet weight)
2.5m x 0.5m x 0.5 m (H x W x D)

* Note that physical specifications can vary depending on the amount of customization that goes into each specific product.



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