EVP3000 Ethernet Valve Pack

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The EVP3000 Ethernet Valve Pack is a scalable building block for subsea electrical-hydraulic equipment. The Ethernet interface provides high speed control and monitoring and is ideal for motion control applications. An integrated PTE3000 pressure tolerant Ethernet controller allows algorithms to be implemented remotely, without reducing control precision. Up to ten external sensors can be integrated into the EVP3000 for actuator feedback and general sensor multiplexing onto an Ethernet network.

The following Cellula Products use the EVP3000:


Simple Integration

Ethernet communications and sensor multiplexing. 

High Performance

Distributed control and 50 Hz sampling.

Reduces Cost

Eliminates pressure vessels and reduces connectors.

Small Form FActor

Efficient packaging in oil compensated assemblies.



Subsea robotics, ROV tooling and sensor multiplexing


Supply: 205bar (3000psi) at 150l/min (40gpm)
Output: 12 x 205bar (3000psi) at 30 l/min (8gpm)
Valves: NG6 Family
Control: 10/100 Ethernet

Control SYSTEM

Pressure Tolerant Ethernet I/O Board: PTE3000

Hydraulic OPTIONS

12 NG6 valve placements supporting:

  • On/off directional control

  • Proportional directional control

  • Manual reducing valves

  • Electrically controlled reducing valves

10 pressure transmitters

Mechanical Specs

Anodized aluminum or 316SS manifold
Stainless steel fasteners
Transparent lid

Physical Specs

3000msw operating depth
Size: 667mm (26.25”) x 464mm (18.25”) x 381mm (15”) 

Weight (Aluminium manifold):

  • Dry in air: 86kg (190lbs)

  • Oil filled in air: 107kg (235lbs)

  • Oil filled in seawater: 36kg (80lbs)



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