Seafloor Drills Presentation

On Tuesday May 1st, at the 2012 Offshore Technology Conference in Houston, Texas, Mr. Jon Machin of Geomarine Ltd. (UK) presented a paper on the Canyon Offshore “ROVDrill Mk.2” systems developed by Cellula Robotics.  This paper, which is published in the 2012 OTC Proceedings (OTC23395), describes these seafloor drill systems and their application to geotechnical and soil investigation surveys.  These two drills were developed by Cellula Robotics Ltd. with design input from Geomarine and Canyon Offshore, and tooling and CPTs provided by Geomarine.  The paper “considers the key design features of presently available rigs of the current generation of subsea drill rigs and contrasts some of the key conceptual design differences between them”.  It then focuses on the ROVDrill Mk.2 design features and performance, and the advantages of seabed drillin