Modular Autonomous Biosampler

Cellula Robotics Ltd. has been awarded a contract by the University of Delaware to design and build a unique ROV mounted deep water Modular Autonomous Biosample (MAB).  The MAB supports three simultaneous pore size filters with each capable of taking over discrete 200 samples.  The MAB will be capable of capturing bacteria grade samples with no cross-contamination and provides long term preservation using ethanol, RNA and high-salt buffers.  Built in environmental sensors measure CDT, Dissolved Oxygen and Chlorophyll-A.  The controller allows user, event or timer triggered samples.

The design phase of this project is due to complete in May 2014 with the first prototype ready for sea trials towards the end of 2014.  Cellula is pleased to continue our relationship with the University of Delaware with the ongoing development of scientific plankton samplers.

This project is made possible through Principal Investigators Art Trembanis and Craig Cary, as well as the funding from the National Science Foundation (OCE-1235133).