Successful Completion of CRD100 Sea Trials

Cellula Robotics Ltd. successfully completed sea trials for its first CRD100 seafloor drill for Fukada Salvage & Marine Works Ltd. Co.

Built on proven subsystems, the CRD100 is self contained with a 100 HP power pack.   The CRD100 provides an unprecedented level of intelligent control that facilitates efficient core sampling and CPT pushes.  A wireline tool system further enhances the speed of operation.  The CRD100 uses standard Commercial off the Shelf (COTS) “size H” drilling tools, providing ø61.1 mm triple-tubed samples for 65 meters of continuous coring.

Fukada Salvage and Marine Works Co., Ltd. (FSM), headquartered in Osaka, Japan is involved marine salvage, steel structure installation, offshore engineering, and other infrastructural improvement projects. FSM is currently introducing deep-sea research equipment and other cutting-edge assets to a fleet of six offshore support vessels to aggressively tackle ocean development projects. For more information, please visit the FSM website.