Successful CRD100 Coring Program

SGSI-Fukada Coring Program.png

Cellula Robotics Ltd. is please to that announce that Subsea Geo Services Inc. (SGSI) and Fukada Salvage and Marine Works (Fukada) completed another successful coring program with a Cellula CRD100 seafloor drill, known as Unicorn-1.  The coring program was in 1,400m of seawater with wave heights of up to four meters off the coast of Japan. The program focused on recovering Seafloor Massive Sulphides (SMS) samples to help better understand the geology of the region.

Cores were taken at five locations with sample depths ranging from 9m to 63m. The geology of the region is highly varied ranging from silts and clay to soft volcanic ash, quartz and rock. This variation has historically resulted in poor core recovery on previous drilling programs. However, the Unicorn-1 system provided excellent cores particularly in the SMS segment, averaging over 80% recovery.

Fukada Salvage and Marine Works Co., Ltd. (FSM), headquartered in Osaka, Japan is involved in marine salvage, steel structure installation, offshore engineering, and other infrastructural improvement projects. FSM is currently introducing deep-sea research equipment and other cutting-edge assets to a fleet of six offshore support vessels to aggressively tackle ocean development projects. For more information, please visit the FSM website:

Subsea Geo Services Inc. (SGSI) is a leading geotechnical system operator focusing on CPTu and drilling and coring operations with the CRD100/Unicorn-1 seafloor in co-operation with FSM. The Unicorn-1 system is a highly capable seafloor drilling platform suitable for operation to 3,000m of seawater and the ability to operate safely in highly variable weather conditions due to its purpose-built A-frame and heave compensated winch. For more information, please visit SGSI’s website at: