Cellula Celebrates 15 Years of Zero Lost-Time Injuries

Cellula Robotics Ltd. (Cellula) recently celebrated 15 consecutive years of zero lost-time injuries.

Achieving a milestone such as this is only achievable through the commitment and participation from all employees. The commitment from all workers and management to embrace Health and Safety as a top priority continues to further improve the program.

In spite of this impressive record, Cellula strives to raise the bar through continual improvement of its safety program. November 30, 2016, marks the successful completion of the most recent external audit of our Health and Safety Management System, and the Certificate of Recognition award by WorkSafeBC.

Cellula President, Eric Jackson, says, building an innovative health and safety management system that not only protects the well-being of employees and partners but also continues to open new markets and attract new customers is an on-going goal. A continually improving OHSMS fitted to the context of the business and designed to comply with future OHSMS standards represents a key competitive advantage for Cellula.

Congratulations to the entire team at Cellula!