Deep Ocean Pressure Testing Simulation

Cellula Robotics is proud to offer a wide variety of services at our Deep Ocean Pressure Testing Simulation facility, including product evaluation, internal and external hydrostatic pressure tests, and performance verification in order to meet customer needs for hydrostatic pressure testing. These services provide a final check of quality and operational integrity for clients, including manufacturers of subsea components, pipeline manufacturers and oil & gas companies.


We offer pressure testing using either of our two pressure vessels. The two vessels offer features such as full diameter openings, internal observation video, digital depth gauges, and testing capability of up to 29,000 PSI and 20,000 MSW respectively.

Reports with monitored customized parameters will be provided based on customer requests. These reports include information on pressure, temperature, and strain gauges, alongside video footage of the vessel's interior.

Four penetrators are also available for testing subsea instrumentation or mechanical interfaces, and adaptors can also be custom designed for your tests. We are here to assist you in all aspects of the process of the testing process.

Types of Vessels


Pressure Vessel No. 1

  • Testing Pressure: Max. 29,000 PSI

  • Full diameter opening: 24”

  • Inside length: 220” (18 ft)

Pressure Vessel No. 2 

  • Testing pressure: Max. 10,000 PSI

  • Full diameter opening: 16”

  • Inside length: 50” (4ft)


The Deep Ocean Pressure Testing Simulation facility can help you perform the following types of tests on your products:

  • Engineering design verification

  • Product evaluation

  • API-17D tests

  • Performance verification

  • Internal and external hydrostatic pressure testing

  • Stress analysis and acceptance tests

  • Umbilical test

  • Dynamic or static testing

  • Prototype equipment testing

  • Subsea parts testing

  • Collapse testing

  • Burst testing


Customizable Test Procedures

Test procedures and report information can be customized for you, so you receive exactly the information you need.

Test Multiple Products at Once

Our long test chambers and full-day bookings allow you to test multiple objects of varying sizes simultaneously, saving you time and money.

Client-Specialized Fixture Creation

We can design custom adaptors as well as provide other test jigs, fixtures and actuators to assist in the testing process and ensure your product works perfectly.

Observe Testing in Real Time

Cameras can be placed directly inside both chambers if needed, allowing for real-time viewing of the object in the high-pressure test environment.

Facility Information

The two pressure vessels are located in a 2700 sq. ft  facility, near the main Cellula office in Burnaby, BC. Equipped with internal lighting, a video camera for internal observation, a digital temperature monitor, a data acquisition system, and a pressure sensor with a rate of 0.01 samples/sec (max), this state-of-the-art facility has all you need to test and verify your products. A separate meeting room is also available to discuss results.


Looking to TEST?

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