PTE3000 Pressure Tolerant Ethernet I/O Board



The PTE3000 is a Pressure Tolerant Ethernet I/O Board with a 32 integrated PWM valve drive driver. 16 valves can be activated simultaneously. The PTE3000 is designed using components proven to withstand the extreme pressure of an underwater environment, without the need for a pressure vessel. To operate underwater, the PTE3000 is installed in a non-conductive, oil compensated environment.

A valve pack, the EVP3000, that incorporates the PTE3000 is also available for purchase.

The following Cellula products use the PTE3000:

Design Highlights


A Closer Look at the PTE3000 Board Components

The PTE3000 board has an Ethernet interface processor that controls two parallel IO processors. 16 PWM channels include valve driver electronics with dither. The PTE3000 can also be used as a data multiplexer, with analog, digital and serial interfaces.


Test Software

The PTE3000 includes software to control each PWM output and monitor all digital and analog inputs. The test software can control two different PTE Boards at the same time. A comprehensive API is available for integration into a client's system.


Simple Integration

Test software provides quick setup and testing.  A comprehensive API supports system integration.

High Performance

Distributed control and 50 Hz sampling ensures high performance standards.

Cost Reduction

Eliminates pressure vessels and reduces the number of connectors needed in your projects.  

Slender Form

The PTE3000 is efficiently packaged in oil compensated assemblies.



PWM valve control, Ethernet I/O expansion, sensor multiplexing via Ethernet switch, subsea robotics, distributed control and autonomy, solenoid current control

Interface Specs

32 x PWM outputs (up to 16 simultaneously)
8 digital inputs
16 x 12-bit analog inputs (0-5V or 4-20mA)
2 x PT100 temperature inputs
Ethernet, RS232, RS485, or CAN bus control

Power specs

24 VDC +/- 10%
200mA quiescent current
20A maximum board current
1A nominal per PWM output


Configuration and control software supplied
Documented communications protocol for easy customer integration

Physical Specs

3000m operating depth
305mm (12”) x 102mm (4”) x 13mm (0.5”)
8 x M3 (#4) mounting holes




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