Solus-LR Autonomous Underwater Vehicle

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The Solus-LR Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (AUV) is a comprehensive vehicle for performing long range, multi-month autonomous missions. It is classified as an extra-large unmanned underwater vehicle (XLUUV).

The vehicle is designed for port to port missions including surface and subsurface surveillance (acoustic or magnetic), traditional geophysical survey, or search and survey. Modular design allows for sections to be easily added or removed depending on a mission’s specifications.

The AUV utilizes a novel suction anchor and fuel cell to stay submerged for the entire mission. These technologies enable the Solus-LR to hold station at a surveillance location in a low-power state and increase the vehicle’s range through its high energy density respectively.

Design Highlights


Long Range

With a base range of 2000km, the Solus-LR’s endurance enables port to port missions. This range can be further upgraded to over 4000km for travelling even more impressive distances.



Our patented suction anchor enables the vehicle to hold station at a surveillance location in a low power, quiet state for weeks or months - a feature unique to the Solus-LR.


High Energy Density

A high-pressure Hydrogen and Oxygen fuel cell with a Li-Ion battery enables hybrid operation, allowing for the Solus-LR to complete multi-month submerged missions.


The Solus-LR architecture is inherently modular and flexible; the vehicle design can be customized to meet specific mission objectives.


Surface and subsurface surveillance

When at anchor, Solus-LR can operate in a quiet mode with the fuel cell shut down over long periods of time. With minimal acoustic emissions, Solus-LR is able to hold station in currents up to 2m/s, covertly listen for a range of targets, and communicate back to base if a defined signature is observed.


Deployment and Recovery of payload packages

Solus-LR can be loaded with a payload package to be deployed from its bay doors. A variable buoyancy engine is used to offset the mass of the payload when deployed.


Geophysical Survey

Solus-LR is capable of surveying subsea areas and terrain using its sidescan sonar and magnetometer. A bathymetric chart of the target area can be generated using multibeam sonar, and analyzed for terrain features, slope angles and surface roughness.


Pipeline and oil field Servicing

By utilizing survey sensors such as a multibeam sonar and sub-bottom profiler, Solus-LR becomes capable of following underwater pipelines and cables, improving productivity compared to using a ROV or lower range AUV options.


Port to Port Missions

The Solus-LR can be launched and recovered from boat ramps and docks, eliminating the need for vessels and saving your company money on expensive ship time.


Anti-Submarine Warfare

Solus-LR can be used to safely deploy anti-submarine warfare (ASW) barriers using a towed array. If a defined signature is observed during a mission, Solus-LR can communicate to headquarters and switch to an active mode to further locate the target.

Payloads & Modules

  • Cellula Suction Anchor

  • Synthetic Aperture Sonar

  • Ping DSP 3D Sidescan Sonar

  • Imagenex DeltaT Multibeam Sonar

  • ASW towed array

  • OFG SCM© 3-axis Self Compensating Magnetometer

  • OFG CAE© Ambient E-Field sensor

  • Environmental & Chemical sensors

  • Custom Payload Integrations

Preliminary Specifications


Submerged Range: 2000km
Length: 8.5m
Diameter: 1m
Weight: 3700kg (air)
Speed: 0.7-2m/s
Variable buoyancy system: 50kg displacement

Energy & Control

High pressure Hydrogen/Oxygen fuel cell with 250 KWh usable energy
Li-Ion internal secondary battery
ROS based control architecture

Navigation & Communication

Sonardyne Sprint INS/DVL with USBL / LBL aiding
Sonardyne BC200 blue light modems when underwater
GPS, Iridium satellite and WiFi communications when surfaced

Safety and Handling

Fault & leak detection
Antenna with strobe and GPS
Watchdog timers
Pop-off buoy & nose lift
Forward control planes for enhanced maneuverability
Forward looking obstacle avoidance sonar
Launch and recovery from a boat ramp (with a trailer), no vessels required.



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