Solus-30 Autonomous Underwater Vehicle

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The SOLUS-30 Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (AUV) is a comprehensive, compact vehicle for performing subsea surveys at depths down to 3000 metres.

The submersible is highly maneuverable, with agile terrain following and can cruise for over 24 hours at 3kts.

With PingDSP 3D sidescan sonar and Imagenex Delta-T multibeam, the SOLUS-30 AUV can capture full swath sidescan and bathymetric data.




  • Ping DSP 3D Sidescan Sonar

  • Imagenex DeltaT Multibeam Echo Sonar

  • Sound Velocity Probe


  • Kraken AquaPix© SAS (Synthetic Aperture Sonar)

  • OFG SCM© 3-axis Self Compensating Magnetometer

  • OFG CAE© Ambient E-Field sensor

  • Cellula Cetor Underwater Biosampler

  • CTD, Enviromental & chemical sensors


  • Geophysical survey

  • Mine hunting / change detection

  • Pipeline survey

  • Route survey



Maximum Depth: 3000m
Length: 2.2m
Diameter: 270mm
Weight: 150kg (air)

Energy & Control

4 kWh Lithium ion batteries (transportable)
Smart battery monitoring
Hierarchical control structure
Back-seat driver interface

Data Processing

Multibeam: MB System or Caris©
Magnetometer: OFG Compensation
Sidescan post processing

Navigation & Communication

Inertial: North seeking FOG & DVL
Aided: USBL & GPS (surface)
Wireless & wired Ethernet links

Safety and Handling

Fault & leak detection
Antenna with strobe and GPS
Watchdog timers
Pop-off buoy & nose lift
Obstacle Avoidance System




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