ROV Suction Sampler




Cellula's Suction Sampler is designed for taking biological samples using an ROV at depths down to 4500 metres. The sampler is compact, light weight and includes eight, two liter sampler bottles.  The sampler only requires two proportional hydraulic valves on the ROV to operate.

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Design Highlights


Concept of Operation

Using hydraulic power from the ROV, a centrifugal water pump pulls water through a sample hose, and a two liter sample cup. The pump is located on the cup outflow. When sampling is complete, a hydraulic Geneva drive rotates the carousel sealing the previous cup and opening the next cup ready for sampling.

Sampling CuP

The ROV Suction Sampler pulls water, and biological samples into two liter sample cups. The samples are trapped in the cups with a user selected filter size. Once sampling is finished, the cup is rotated out of the water flow and sealed for subsequent analysis.


Easy ROV Compatability

Requires only two hydraulic valves on a ROV; no electrical interface is needed.

Compact Size

The suction sampler is compact and lightweight in air and water.

Base Specifications


Biological sampling from an ROV


8 x 2L sample cups, sealed after sampling
Up to 30 lpm sample flow


Suction pressure gauge (view with ROV camera)

Hydrulic InTERFACE

Two proportional valves from the ROV
Maximum 183 bar pressure
Variable 0 to 18.2 lpm flow rate

Filter Sizes

Coarse filter: 0.120” holes
Fine filter: 0.060” holes

Physical Specs

790 x 590 x 390 mm
36 kg dry weight / 15 kg wet weight
4,500m depth rating
2.0 in intake diameter



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